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    By now you’ve probably heard about the ‘no selfie’ rules.

    It’s a rule that’s been in place for years in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but has also been enforced in other countries including the UK.

    The rules prohibit selfies taken in public places with your head or body in view, and don’t allow the use of cell phones or selfie sticks.

    The selfie stick has become a popular way to take photos in public, and it has become popular among people who like to take selfies.

    Here’s how to take one without breaking the rule.


    Make sure you’re in a good mood When you’re not in a great mood, you’re going to be at a disadvantage when you take a photo.

    It takes a lot of energy to take an awkward pose with your face obscured and your arms crossed in front of you, and you don’t want to be that person in the selfie stick.

    In this situation, a smile or smiley face can make you look better.


    Make your selfie stick look good Make sure your selfie sticks are looking pretty, especially if they’re made from plastic or glass.

    There are a lot more reasons to buy a selfiestick than the selfie sticks themselves.

    Here are some tips on choosing the right one.


    Choose a place with bright sunlight You can’t go out in a sunny location, so it’s important to choose a place where you can easily take a good photo.

    Take a selfie on a sunny day with a flash on, a low angle lens and a long exposure.

    Be sure to put a sunblock on your face if you’re taking selfies in the middle of the day, as it will block out some of the light.


    Set your selfie timer It’s not the right time to take your selfie, but it’s the right place to take it, so you’ll want to set your timer accordingly.

    Set it for a few minutes, and let it run for a couple of minutes after that.


    Use a good lens for your selfie Make sure that your selfie is in focus, and that it’s sharp.

    If you’re using a camera with an f/1.8 lens, it’s not necessary to use the widest aperture.

    A f/2.8 or f/3.5 lens is a better choice if you want to take the best possible picture.


    Get your selfie ready Make sure the selfie is ready to be taken when you want it to be.

    If it’s in the morning, take it out of your bag.

    If not, grab it from the corner of the room or in a pocket.


    Be careful with the selfie handle It’s okay to put it down, but make sure it’s held firmly.

    If the selfie comes off while you’re trying to take another photo, you’ll likely feel awkward.

    Make it as comfortable as possible, and if you accidentally break it, don’t get embarrassed.


    Choose the right angle If you take selfies with a wide angle lens, choose the right exposure.

    For a wide-angle lens, you need to be shooting at least 1/30th of the full frame sensor size.

    If your selfie requires the use to use your phone as a flash, use a shutter speed of 1/10th of a second, which is slower.


    Make a good selfie The best selfie selfie is one that’s easy to take and the best selfie is taken in a way that makes you feel good.

    Try to take as many good shots as you can.

    Try taking one with your own face in the background.

    Be a little more confident about taking the best photo.


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