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    The best seo companies are those that are the first to make the leap to social media, according to a recent report by a leading Korean online marketing company.

    In a survey of more than 3,000 respondents from a wide variety of industries, the company said that the biggest influencers on social media are people who have been on the platform for at least three months.

    “Social media influencers are people you interact with, who are actively sharing content and stories, whether they’re paying attention or not,” said Kim Kyung-sik, the CEO of Seo Blog, which runs a variety of content platforms in the online market, including social networking sites.

    He said these influencers have a significant impact on how well a company can reach the social media community.

    “These people have the most impact because they have a lot of followers and have an audience that is larger than most other users,” Kim said.

    In the past few years, social media has become more prevalent in the world, with more than 500 million active accounts across platforms, according the company.

    But the most popular brands are still largely driven by their core businesses, with the exception of the well-known brands like Apple, Facebook and Google, which are also heavily invested in the platform.

    So how does a brand like Samsung, for instance, manage to keep up with the likes of Apple and Google while still being successful?

    “Samsung is a good example of a brand that is both very well-established and is very successful in the digital space,” Kim added.

    In fact, Samsung is one of the few major brands in the global smartphone market that can be counted on to continue its growth on social networks.

    In its latest financial year, the Korean conglomerate sold 8.3 billion smartphones globally, with its flagship Galaxy S4 and S5 smartphones making up over half of that total.

    It’s also important to note that these mobile brands are not solely reliant on Facebook or Twitter to reach their audiences.

    In addition to their traditional marketing channels, brands can also tap into the social platforms to attract followers and connect with potential customers.

    “We are all connected to the web and the internet,” Kim continued.

    “So it’s all about getting the right mix of social media and traditional marketing.”

    The most common social media channels used by brands include Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat.

    These social networks have become increasingly popular as a way for brands to reach new and emerging consumers, and are increasingly becoming the main platforms for content marketing.

    While there are still some brands that remain largely behind the curve in terms of social networking, Kim said that social media is an important tool for brands, as it can give them a more personalized approach to their marketing.

    “If you want to reach the people that you think will buy your products, you can go to Instagram and Facebook,” Kim explained.

    “Then you can get to the other brands, like Google, and you can start targeting them and getting the content to them.”

    In fact and with the help of the latest trends in the internet era, this trend is likely to only grow.

    “Now, when we talk about the internet, we don’t talk about just the way you are interacting with other people,” Kim noted.

    “The internet is a platform that you can tap into in order to build a brand, or connect with customers, or find products.”

    Kim said that Samsung’s strategy to stay relevant to the growing world of social marketing is to continue to take the lessons learned from its first decade in the mobile market.

    “Samsung has been an innovator in the social marketing space, but this time around, we’re not going to lose our competitive edge,” he said.

    “That means we are able to expand our social platform presence, so people can reach out to us and be connected to our brand.”


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