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    Dann, a former Marine, is looking for a new job.

    She works for a medical consulting firm in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and wants to take a break from work to go on a camping trip with her family.

    She says the weather is good, she likes the climate and she has a good work ethic.

    Dann says she enjoys working with other young women and wants the opportunity to explore other careers and help other women.

    But she’s worried about her husband.

    She also wants to do something for the homeless.

    She says if she were to go out to the homeless shelters, she’d get fired.

    But the shelter officials wouldn’t give her a job, because she has criminal convictions.

    They don’t want her to be homeless.

    Danny Seo is the president of the Colorado Coalition Against Homelessness.

    Seo says if the city doesn’t do anything, the city will lose the opportunity for people to get a good job.

    We’re seeing this kind of situation where people are turning to the courts to get money for shelter.

    She is concerned about what this means for the city.

    I think that will affect how the city manages the homeless and whether or not people will be able to work in the shelters.

    We have a very low percentage of the homeless that are actually in shelters.

    So, I think it’s going to impact how the shelter system is run and how the people who are homeless are able to access resources.

    We’re also seeing the city try to reduce the number of people that are in jail.

    We are seeing this type of situation when you see a large percentage of people in jail, and that’s really where the problem comes from.

    Dana Brown is a reporter for the Denver Post.

    She is part of a statewide project called The Homelessness Project, which is trying to understand why homeless people are living on the streets in Denver.

    She has interviewed people in Denver who say they are not in a position to get decent jobs and support themselves.

    If we had a government that was providing the housing, the education, the job opportunities, you know, that was actually helping people get ahead, that would actually be a good thing.


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