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    The actor has told his friends he is leaving the popular show ‘Boy’ after his latest incident of misconduct.

    In a recent interview with TV Guide, Seo said he had been in a relationship with another actress, but was not involved in the bullying of other cast members.

    “I was not bullying other people on the show,” Seo told the magazine.

    “It was my personal relationship.

    I wasn’t part of any bullying.

    There were definitely some times when I was bullying, but I had to take responsibility for that.”SEO, the son of actor Robert Seo, recently was arrested on a charge of assaulting a child and his girlfriend, but has said the charges were fabricated.”

    Boys” was originally produced in 1997 and aired on Fox in the US and Australia until 2011.SEO told TV Guide that his “particular” problem was with a fellow actor and the bullying he received on the program was not something he would do.”

    There’s nothing I can do about it,” Seol said.

    “I’m not going to sit here and say that I can’t be part of it and have a healthy relationship with my parents.”

    But I can only do that if I feel like it.

    I have to do it, and I have the ability to do that.

    “Seo was recently featured on a new episode of the popular childrens show ‘Boondocks’ where he voiced his role as a bully.”

    The kids on the series love to bully other kids, and it’s like a great sport,” he said.”

    They don’t care about it, they don’t get it.

    But I think we’re seeing a lot of that, because of the internet.

    “The ‘Bros’ star said the bullying did not bother him.”

    It’s a skill that’s honed over the years.””

    You don’t need to be a bad person to be an incredible bully.

    It’s a skill that’s honed over the years.”


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