Web Developer, Digital Marketer; FOREX Expert

    A Jacksonville-based seo service provider, SeoScore, has scored well in recent months, ranking among the top 20 companies in the industry, according to the company’s recent financial report. 

    SeoScore’s website has been updated to reflect that it is no longer a publicly traded company.

    The company’s CEO, Craig Linn, is a former CEO of JVC SEO, an Austin-based company that provided a key source of seo-related services to consumers for years.

    Seoscore’s chief operating officer, Eric Condon, is also a former JVC executive.

    Condon and Linn did not respond to requests for comment. 

    Linn told Fortune that Seo Score has grown to be a $5 billion company in revenue and $1.5 billion in revenue to date. 

    According to Seo Scores latest annual report, Seos service provided a variety of services to customers, including: A nationwide database of customer names and addresses. 

    Access to customer credit and debit cards. 

    The ability to receive customer payment, including from third parties. 

    SEO-related webinars and workshops. 

    Customers with credit card data from their bank account. 

    An integrated search engine for consumers to review, manage, and manage their financial information. 

    Data from the company was used by the company to create and market its consumer-focused, online, and social media campaigns. 

    In addition, the company offered services to the federal government, including providing information on benefits of the Affordable Care Act, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Veterans Affairs. 

    To date, the website has been used by 1.4 million people, according an estimate by a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. 

     Lenn said he is hopeful that the company will continue to thrive.

    “We believe that we are a very successful company,” Linn said.

    “I’m looking forward to continuing to grow and build Seo score.

    I’m hoping that we will continue building Seo scores and that Seos scores will continue growing.”


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