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    Jordan’s government is working on an innovative system to assist displaced persons who have fled Syria.

    The social media giant’s app will be used to let people see each other’s faces and get to know each other, with help from a social network, and it will help them find employment, provide advice and information, and get information from the public.

    Jordan is also building an app for displaced families in the country, so they can communicate and connect with each other.

    It is also providing funding for the development of the app.

    “We are trying to connect refugees to each other and connect them with the government.

    We are trying not to create a bubble around them.

    We want them to know that they are in a safe place,” said Ali Al-Zaher, head of Jordan’s National Center for Social Media, which is behind the app project.

    Al-zahher said the app would be available for people to use by the end of March, and the government hoped to launch it later this year.

    He said it was still being developed, but that he hoped the app could be ready by the beginning of 2018.

    The app was created by Jordan’s Ministry of Social Affairs, and will be run by the Jordanian Ministry of Information.

    It will have social networks, messaging, and information for displaced people.

    Jordan has already started using the app, with people reporting on one another, with Jordanians sharing their experiences with each others’ stories.

    The government hopes to eventually expand the app to other communities, as well.

    “This is a good opportunity to help those people who have lost their jobs, who are unable to find a job, who have nowhere to go,” Al-zaray, the deputy minister, told Al Jazeera.

    The country is currently in the middle of an unprecedented influx of Syrian refugees.

    The UNHCR said in January that it had recorded a record of 1.3 million people displaced by the conflict.

    More than 60,000 of them are Jordanians, most of them refugees.

    Jordanians are the largest group of refugees worldwide, according to UNHCR figures, and many Jordanians have been in the region for several years.

    The refugees who fled Syria to Jordan include men, women and children, as many as 80 percent of them have come from Syria.

    Jordanian authorities have said they want to help them return to their homes, but the UNHCR has warned that they could face further persecution in Syria if they do not.

    In June, Jordan announced it was suspending its resettlement programme in Syria, citing security concerns, saying it would only accept people from neighbouring countries, which could potentially be Syria or Iraq.

    “Jordan is not the only country in the Middle East that is hosting Syrian refugees, but it is the first country to stop its resettlement programmes,” UNHCR spokesperson Yusra Hajjar said.

    Al Jazeera’s Omar Fahmy, reporting from Beirut, said Jordan was a key transit point for refugees from Syria and Lebanon, where tensions have escalated in recent years.

    “It is the hub of the refugee crisis in Lebanon,” Fahmy said.

    “If we don’t act soon, there will be more Syrians who will return to Jordan.”


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