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    The Times Of India published an article on Saturday morning about how to read news articles on the site.

    The article stated that the news is not yet optimized for reading mobile devices.

    Read moreThe Times of Indian is the first news site in India that makes the mobile-optimized version of its website.

    Users can read news stories on their mobile devices using a web browser, and users can view the articles from any web browser.

    The article further stated that when the mobile version of the news website is optimized for mobile reading, the user will be able to read articles that are written in Hindi or other local languages.

    Users can access the website by clicking on the “news” button located at the bottom right of the homepage.

    The Times article also stated that users can read articles from the “article” section of the main news page.

    Users need to click on the appropriate “article source” button at the top of the article page.

    Users also have the option to download news articles from other websites such as The New York Times, USA Today and The Guardian.

    Users have also been able to access the article via an RSS feed, which has been available for over a year.

    News articles can also be read offline using the “read offline” feature of the Times app.

    The Times Of Indian is one of the few newspapers that has been able on mobile to read some news articles, which was made possible thanks to the new mobile optimized version of their website.

    The new mobile version will be available for users on Android and Windows Phone starting April 12.

    The New York-based paper has been the most visited newspaper in India in the last four years, according to data from the Indian Newspaper Association (INJA).

    The newspaper also has the highest number of subscribers on mobile, according TOI.

    The Indian Express has the third largest audience on mobile and the Times of News has the largest readership on mobile.


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