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    I just had a chance to look at the code of a recent app for getting my iPhone working again.

    It works, but it seems like I’m missing some functionality that’s supposed to be implemented.

    It’s hard to tell from the app code exactly what’s broken, but here’s what I found:1.

    The notification list doesn’t scroll up properlyThe notifications are all the same height, so you can’t scroll the notification list all the way up, or even down to see the most recent one.

    It scrolls horizontally in a column, not vertically, which is a bit strange.2.

    It seems like there’s no way to use a keyboard to interact with the app, which could be problematicIf you have a keyboard, you can try hitting the spacebar, and it will scroll the notifications list, but nothing else.

    I’m guessing the app just doesn’t have a proper keyboard, which means it’s not possible to press the “C” key to switch to another app, and that keyboard doesn’t exist.

    I guess I can just hit the space bar to scroll the list up, but that doesn’t seem to be an option.3.

    The text of a notification doesn’t match the notification iconIt’s hard not to notice the oddity of the notification icons being different on different iOS devices.

    The icons don’t match, but they do seem to have a different width.

    In my testing, the icons are all right on the screen, but the icon size seems to be off on some devices, so it looks like the icons might be different on other devices.4.

    The app does not have an alarm, or the ability to set oneForget the alarms, it seems that the app does have an ability to send an alarm when an incoming text arrives.

    I’ve tested this on my iPhone 6s Plus, but my iPhone 5s Plus doesn’t respond to the notification.

    If I set the alarm to be sent when an SMS arrives, and turn off the notification feature on my phone, it does work.

    I can’t test the alarm on my 5s, because the app is missing the ability for my phone to send the text.

    If the app ever adds an alarm feature, I’m sure I can figure out how to enable it.5.

    The system is brokenThe system in this app is broken, to the point that the developer isn’t sure if it works.

    The application will try to save a notification, and if that fails, it will then try to send it to my iPhone.

    When that fails the app will then fail to send a text, so I can see the text, but no notification appears.

    The text “Cancel” appears at the top of the screen after a failed saving attempt, but I can still see it.6.

    There’s a bunch of duplicate notificationsThe app will automatically send out duplicate notifications.

    I see a bunch on my screen with a different name, but only one of them is really the same.

    There are a bunch more duplicate notifications, but none are the same as the one that the original notification came from.7.

    There isn’t a way to reset the app’s settingsWhen I first downloaded this app, I set a few of the options to “disabled” in Settings.

    The “disabled”, “enabled”, “unchecked” and “selected” settings don’t seem enabled at all.

    I then tried to set the “disable” option to “true”, and it still hasn’t worked.

    I haven’t tested that option with any other settings yet.8.

    I don’t have the ability “disable the notification” in the Settings appThe Settings app has a “disable notification” option, but since I haven, and I’ve been told that it’s a security issue, it doesn’t work.

    It doesn’t disable the notification, it just stops it from showing up.

    When I click on the notification in the Notification Center, I see “disable this notification”.

    But when I close the notification app and reopen it, the “disabled notification” is still there.

    It also appears that I can select “uncheck” in this settings option.9.

    It looks like I have to open the app multiple times to see itThe “settings” section of the Settings application does not seem to support multiple app opening, so the app can’t work with multiple iOS devices open at once.

    I have multiple iOS phones, and this app only works with one of those phones.

    If there’s a way for the app to open multiple apps simultaneously, I could potentially use it to get more notifications to work with my other devices, but for now, it’s just not working for me.10.

    There is no way for me to “force close the app” when it crashesThe app crashes when I try to close it.

    It appears to be due to the fact that the iPhone 5 and 5s don’t support iOS 10.3, so there’s absolutely no way that I have the option to


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