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    The new Google SEO certification program lets you earn a Google Search Authority score and a Google SEO Authority Score for your own site.

    Google has released the program as part of a broader effort to help website owners get more out of their sites, and it’s meant to help people navigate Google’s search engine by giving them an understanding of how Google’s rankings work.

    For example, it’s been known for some time that the first search results that Google gives you might not be the most relevant ones, so this could be helpful for people who want to get the most out of Google’s ranking system.

    The program also gives you the option to earn an SEO Authority score for your content and search rankings.

    So, what is the new Google Search Authorities score?

    What is an SEO authority score?

    Google says the new search authority score is based on a set of metrics that are derived from a number of factors, including your website’s performance and the ranking of Google results.

    The new Search Authority Score can be viewed on Google’s site or downloaded in the Google Search Console.

    The metrics include the number of Google searches that return a specific result, as well as the number and size of those searches, as a percentage of all searches that have come to the site.

    This is an indication of how well your website is performing.

    Google also gives websites a “rank” score, which is a number from 1 to 10, based on the percentage of searches returned from the site that match a query or page.

    The Google Search Ranking Team uses this information to help Google determine which pages are most popular on the internet.

    It also helps to determine how your site is ranking in Google search results, which could be an indication that your site has a higher chance of getting a search engine result ranking.

    Google says that the search authority scores that you earn can be used to help your website rank better in Google searches.

    The search authority will also help you to understand the effectiveness of your site, how people are searching for it, and how much time they spend on your site.

    The most important thing to remember is that your Google Search Score is not based on your website performance, and the rankings it gets are not the only information that Google uses to determine a website’s relevance.

    For more information on Google Search rankings, click here.


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